1. Cherry Chocolate Bourbon Soda

This cocktail is described as ‘southern indulgence’. It combines the rich flavors of fresh cherries, bourbon and chocolate to create a cocktail perfect for sipping. And if you’re a crafty one in the kitchen, this recipe involves brewing your own carbonation! (In a pinch? You can sub for store-bought cherry soda) [Recipe]

cherry chocolate bourbon soda


2. Cider Rum Punch

This aromatic punch is best shared with friends; it’s perfect for nights spent outdoors, around a crackling bonfire. Combining flavors of thyme, apple cider and a hint of lemon – your guests are sure to be impressed. And you can brag ‘The secret is to make the thyme syrup from scratch’. [Recipe]



3. Maple Bourbon Cocktail

There comes a time in any man’s life, where they discover their love of maple syrup. For some of us, this is early on. For others, it comes later in life. Snuck inside a donut, flavoring our coffee, a splash of syrup inside a cocktail. What I’m saying is – make this cocktail, friends. Maple syrup is from the gods. [Recipe]

maple bourbon


4. Cinnamon Maple Whisky Sour

Look everyone! Maple again! If I didn’t win you over with my first maple-infused cocktail, you’ll surely be into this one. It combines bourbon and fresh lemon, with a hint of cinnamon. In all seriousness, if this description didn’t include alcohol – I’d be describing a cake your grandma would make. [Recipe]

cinnamon maple


5. Ginger Beer + ROOT

So, we’re not entirely sure what ROOT is, but it appears to make a mighty fine cocktail. If you can get your hands on a bottle of this spirit, pair it with a crisp ginger beer and report back!

ginger beer


6. German Mulled Wine

I’m not a fan of red wine – but given that this cocktail is infused with nutmeg, anise, cloves and cinnamon – I’m pretty sure it will taste nothing like red wine and everything like Christmas. So, enjoy singing O, Tannenbaum! while you whip up a batch of this delicious punch. [Recipe]

germen mulled wine


7. Blackberry Bramble

If you’re a gin drinker, this Blackberry Bramble is going to be right up your alley. You can muddle away your days enjoying this summer-friendly cocktail. [Recipe]


blackberry bamble


8. Old Cuban

The Old Cuban is an elegant rum cocktail – that I’m pretty sure made it on this list by name alone. No one cane dare question your cocktail-attitude with a drink so sophisticated. This contemporary classic combines sweet and sour, mint and bitters to deliver a smooth celebration to your taste buds. [Recipe]

old cuban


source: http://strawbosswords.com/